Zwarte Cross 2019
Video mapping | Made with Blender

Vrumona wanted for one of there brands Pepsi Max® a striking advertisement on the Zwart Cross festival in Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands. For this they Hired Avex Int. to do the technical and content side of the project.

As 3D artist in collaboration with our Video editor, we sat around the table to come up with ideas and designs for the mapping that we are going to do on the back side of a dance podium at the festival. The front of the podium was themed as a old fashion factory that was called "de feest fabriek" (party factory). With the theme of that year in mind "niks is onmogelijk" (Nothing is impossible) we took the factory as core on wich we build upon to. Making al crazy ideas on what could happen in a factory and even ideas on things that were impossible, eventually we scaled back to a Party factory at wich they made al the Pepsi Max® for the festival. There are two live layers inside the full projection, where the festival goers can put themselfs in the project.